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Did you know that most of the products you use in everyday life are made in China? And furniture is no exception! 80% of Chinese furniture manufacturers are in Foshan City. Foshan is a home to more than 5000 manufacturers with wide ranges of furniture products and competitive prices.

You won’t find such a huge selection of furniture anywhere else in the world! And there are not only local brands, many international furniture brands are cooperating with Chinese manufacturers to produce their products here in China which makes the price of furniture with the same quality standards much lower than in Europe or America and most countries of the world!!

Buying furniture in China is easier than you think! Our professional translators will help you get the best offer, make sure the highest quality and take care of the shipping. 

Furniture shopping tour to China

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Meeting at the airport

Meeting at the airportquestionmark

Visiting factories, shopping malls and markets

Visiting factories, shopping malls and marketsquestionmark

Placing an order

Placing an orderquestionmark

Quality check

Quality checkquestionmark

Consolidation of cargo in the warehouse + container loading

Consolidation of cargo in the warehouse + container loadingquestionmark

Delivery and customs clearance

Delivery and customs clearancequestionmark

Prices for furniture sourcing from China

We assist in furniture sourcing for over 10 years. For that time we've got clients from all over the world and have done shipping to 43 countries. We are glad to help you to source furniture from China directly from manufacturers for the best price!

Personal visit
From 50000$
  • Translation and Guiding (6 free days)
  • Order’s follow up
  • Full quality control
  • Goods Consolidation
  • Container Loading

Advantages of buying furniture in China

Competitive prices

Competitive prices

Purchasing directly from manufacturers is cheaper

Wide choice

Wide choice

Each furniture factory has brand unique products

Awesome quality

Awesome quality

Highly competitive market guarantees high quality standard

Furniture malls and markets in Foshan

The best furniture malls in Foshan

Review of prices for furniture in China

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Abous us

We are an international company with vast experience of working with Chinese suppliers and exporting furniture and other goods from China worldwide. For many years our company has been specialized in furniture sourcing from China, we have hundreds of happy clients from all around the world. Dealing with Chinese manufacturers is tough, it requires understanding of local mentality and knowledge how to build reliable working relationships. We are one of the few companies on the market that deal with logistics and customs clearance and do not devolve responsibility to any third-party.

Our strengths

  • Office and warehouse in Foshan
  • Multi-language service
  • Wide experience
  • Dealing with all custom formalities in China
  • Shipping worldwide
  • Own logistics department

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You have a question? Someone else might have had the exact same one. Let's find out!

Usually it takes 5-10 days to purchase everything you need for your home.

All furniture shopping malls and factories are in Foshan (20 km from Guangzhou). And there is not only furniture, also you can buy: lightning equipment, sanitary ware, home decoration and building materials.  That is why we would recommend you stay in Foshan during your visit.

There are thousands of manufacturers here in China, with all different prices. If you are planning to fully decorate your house or apartment we would recommend you estimate no less than USD30000 as your total purchase amount. But of course, it is all individual and depends on what kind of products you would like to buy, your order quantity and your personal preferences.

After placing an order and paying a deposit usually it takes 1 to 3 weeks for the factory to produce furniture, but sometimes the production takes longer. It depends on the product, factory and your order quantity.

Usually delivery takes 15-25 days depending on which city you would like to arrange it.

For example:
Destination Days
India 10-14
Dubai 15
Australia (Sydney) 20
USA (West cost) 20—25
Los-Angeles (Long Beach) 30—40

(Please notice that the cost of freight fee is updated every month. To confirm the exact time of delivery please contact our manages)

Delivery cost is different and depends on the port of destination. Usually the freight fee of 20GP container starts from USD800 and the freight fee of 40HQ container starts from USD1200.

Bellow please check the freight fees to our most popular destinations:

Destination Price (USD$)
Mumbai 300
Chennai 550
Sydney 1200
Melbourne 1200
Dubai 800
Los-Angeles (Long Beach) 2600

(Please notice that above prices are for 40HQ freight fee only, there might be additional charges (port fees, international ship security, terminal handling charge). To confirm the total price of delivery please contact our managers)

You need to find a custom broker to apply for custom clearance in your country. Also, we can recommend you some of the brokers our clients worked before. 

Custom formalities are different for different countries.  Standard set of documents required for custom clearance is packing list, invoice and bill of landing.  We will prepare all these documents for you. 

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