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Difference is not that big though

Louvre furniture mall in Foshan China: prices, location, brands
Globus 26 december 2018 Furniture malls

Louvre without a shadow of a doubt is the most famous and expensive furniture mall there is in Foshan, China. Louvre was founded in 2000 with a single purpose to gather all the best Foshan furniture manufacturer in one place. The total floor of Louvre is 380 000…

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Interview with our clients from India. Buying furniture from China.
Globus 29 november 2018 Interview

Today we wanted to publish an interview with our clients from India who visited China earlier this year [2018]. Why did you decide to buy furniture in China? One day my wife and I were having dinner with my favorite Shahi Paneer, and she was talking about this…

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How to ship furniture from China
Globus 29 november 2018 Information

Our company provides a full set of services: booking the furniture tour, helping to find the items, quality control and communication with manufacturers, container load supervision, customs clearance in China and shipping. Most of the furniture sourcing companies…

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Contemporary style furniture from China
Globus 10 june 2018 Furniture Styles

The term "contemporary" literally means "in recent times" or "beginning now". Thus, just as the literal meaning of the word, contemporary style of furniture is one that pertains to this exact moment and is a thing of the present. That being said, contemporary furniture…

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Rustic style furniture from China
Globus 16 may 2018 Furniture Styles

Simply put in layman terms, rustic furniture is that furniture that is designed and manufactured using twigs, logs and sticks which gives the furniture piece a super-natural look. This sort of an approach, coupled with historical and contemporary influences is…

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Vintage style furniture from China
Globus 9 april 2018 Furniture Styles

The vintage style of furniture is probably the only style of furniture that has only one restriction, one's imagination. Vintage furniture is any piece of furniture that is anywhere between 30 and a 100 years old. Furniture that is beyond 100 years old is considered as an…

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