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The Classical style of furniture, as the name suggests is known for its sense of imperial dignity. Classicism was first manifested in as early as the 17th century in Europe. The classical approach to art, music, literature and eventually to architecture depicted ethereal sophistication and restraint. Thus, the classical style of architecture and interior design is incorporated even today in many houses across the globe. The classical style of furniture is opted mostly by those who have a very settle taste of preferences and by those who prefer timeless traditional pieces rather than fleeting fashion. Thus, if you are one of those people who is looking to decorate your home, the Classical way, here is your guide to help you do just that!

- A dark and rich color palette: One common characteristic of classical interiors is that the wall paint is kept fairly neutral. Thus, the colors that are usually painted on the walls include beige, white or nude. However, the furnishings are a completely different story. Rich, warm and dark jewel tones are picked as popular accent colors. Thus, furniture pieces that are extremely colorful will help the wall pain pop while adding certain warmth to space, making it more dignified and inviting.

- Regal furniture: As opposed to a minimalistic home, homes that incorporate the classical style of furniture tend to have heavy and larger furniture pieces. Furniture is usually made of a heavier wood to make it appear richer and elegant. Thus, common choices include maple, mahogany and cherry. The richer the hue of the wood, the more classic it tends to look. The trend of incorporating wood into the interiors extends to even the floors where maple or mahogany is usually picked.

- Fabrics: Another stand-out feature of incorporating a classical theme to your home is the use of rich fabrics. Cotton and light fabrics are usually never used. Instead, high-end fabrics such as velvet, leather and silk are chosen. Couches are usually made of leather, the pillows of silk and the curtains will most definitely have a hint of velvet peeking through. Colors for these fabrics range from deep maroons to jade greens and fiery oranges. When it comes to printed fabrics for drapes and furniture pieces, prints such as stripes, floral or plaids are the common choices.

- Classic lighting: Classical interiors are characterized by soft, dreamy lighting. Thus, crystal chandeliers that are made either of very expensive glass or transparent stones are used. These chandeliers are usually placed right in the center of the ceiling so that the light is equally distributed all across space, giving it an equally illuminated look. Apart from that, a more ethereal touch is to incorporate small bronze candlesticks in the room. This not only adds extra light to the room but also adds a touch of history in interior design without going overboard.

- Little decorative objects: The choice for decor when it comes to classical interiors must be solid and restrained. Thus, most common interior decoration pieces include paintings, antique bits and bobbles, porcelain figures and bronze souvenirs. Art plays a major role in the interior decoration of any space and thus, paintings or drawings with an exquisite wooden frame are the way to go. You can also add an impeccably detailed nightstand or a wicker share with uneven contours to make the room really pop.

Thus, you can now go ahead and decorate your home the Classical way. Just keep in mind; less is definitely NOT more if you’re looking into classical furniture pieces. Instead, the more the better is the definite way to go.

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