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The term "contemporary" literally means "in recent times" or "beginning now". Thus, just as the literal meaning of the word, contemporary style of furniture is one that pertains to this exact moment and is a thing of the present.

That being said, contemporary furniture is often misunderstood as modern furniture. Though they have a lot of common characteristics between them, modern furniture is furnishings that have been created strictly keeping the trends of today's day and age in mind. However, contemporary furniture deals with those furniture pieces that draw inspiration from a variety of eras and mould pieces based off that to suit the current scenario.

The contemporary style of furniture is unique in the sense that it can have different meanings and approaches in different parts of the world. This, in turn, leads to changes in the style and aesthetic of the furniture pieces across the globe. For example, Japanese contemporary furniture is more Zen-like in the sense that it focuses on creating pieces that leave much open space in a room, making sure that it looks as uncluttered as possible. They also try to incorporate more natural materials. Likewise, contemporary furniture in the European countries follows a theme of minimalism where simple and clean lines are incorporated. The minimalistic theme ensures that pieces are made functional and unnecessary elements are avoided.

What are the dynamics of the Contemporary Style of Furniture?

Since this style is strict of the present and is ever-changing, what may appear as a contemporary piece of furniture today may not seem like it five years down. Thus, this is an ever-changing style that draws its inspiration from all eras. As of the last two to three years, contemporary furniture that has characteristics and aesthetics from the Mid-century modern styles and the Danish modern style is being created.

What are the characteristics of Contemporary Style Furniture?

This ever-changing style cannot be constrained by the characteristics of any one era or style. Thus, the characteristics of each piece of furniture depend on a collaboration of different styles to suit the functional needs of man today. Some of these prominent characteristics include:

1) Use of clean and simple lines: Not unlike the modern style of furniture, contemporary pieces also focus on using simple and clean lines that deliver a sense of comfort. Since contemporary homes often stick to a very minimalistic theme, using furniture that is airy, light yet visually appealing is the way to go. Common examples of such pieces include entertainment centres, credenzas and dressers. These pieces often have a smooth and lustrous finish to them. The lines are made of dark wood in neutral colours while the lustrous finish is made possible with the use of a glossy black reflective material. Thus, this is the complete opposite of traditional dressers or credenzas that are made of light wood with frills and trims which end up radiating a more romantic and urban vibe.

2) Incorporating natural textures and materials: The contemporary pieces that are created usually use natural woods as the basic framework material. Other fabrics if used are completely natural as well. This is done to give the piece a rustic yet sleek look which is what contemporary furniture is all about. Thus, low-slung beds with textured fabrics or an entertainment centre with large airy shelves made of wood such as mahogany are used. Even the flooring of the room and the room accessories are often times made of wood which is either too dark or too light. This acts as a colour contrast to the room as well.

3) Lighting: Lighting is seen as more of an artistic element in a contemporary set-up. Thus, light fixtures are often metallic or have a metallic finish to them. They are made wispy thin for functionality purposes and the lights are often designed to give the room a hint of bright colour. Other commonly used light fixtures include floor lamps, built-in track lighting, light pendants and recessed lighting.

4) Colour palette: Since contemporary homes follow more of a basic theme, the colour palette is also maintained to be more neutral and basic. Common colours that are used include black, white, beige and different shades of brown. Examples of pops of colour that are incorporated if need be are a red or salmon coloured chair, a brightly coloured jute rug or a colourful accessory. However, for the most part, the space is kept fairly clean and neutral as a cluttered look is not a part of the contemporary style.

5) Square-edged furniture: A unique characteristic of the contemporary furniture is pieces that have square edges. This means that couches or chairs are raised above the floor with tubular and angled legs and no skirting whatsoever. This would allow you to see under them and the space under are known as a negative space. This space will, in turn, complement the positive spaces incorporated in other parts of the furniture.

Thus, if you want your home to be “now” and “presently happening”, Contemporary furniture is definitely the way to go.

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