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Our company provides a full set of services: booking the furniture tour, helping to find the items, quality control and communication with manufacturers, container load supervision, customs clearance in China and shipping. Most of the furniture sourcing companies only help to find and to buy the items. They might help you with quality control and container load supervision but logistics. Our company also has an in-house logistics department and some people wonder why.

Why do we provide logistics services?

  1. It’s easier for clients.

In the beginning, we did not provide this service. But there were so many inquiries about it and many clients asked us to help with the logistics company search, that we decided to do it ourselves. This way we know where a container is and can be sure our clients have their orders shipped on time.

It also means fewer contacts for one order and less communication (busy people and introverts highly appreciate that) — all in one company.

  1. Some customers do find logistics companies for themselves and then hesitate if it’s a reliable one. There is no time to check and thousands of dollars already were invested.
  2. There is the third choice — to trust factories with logistics.

First of all, not every factory will agree to handle logistics. If it does, pros — you won’t have to do it, cons — if it’s not a big order, it most probably won’t be a shipping priority for the manufacturer.

Which containers are used to ship furniture?

We deliver furniture in 20 and 40ft containers (33 and 76m3 respectively).

By delivering one client order with one container we avoid additional damages that can be caused by group age cargo shipping. Delivering the whole container exclude any unloading during the shipment and locked until customs clearance in the country of destination.

How do I get my furniture delivered?

We ship container by sea to the nearest to our clients port. It is after moved on to the railway and transported to a destination point or delivered by a truck. How long does it take from the nearest port to the customer’s address depends on the roads trucks can go (some roads are closed for container trucks due to its size and weight) and the distance.

Shipping cost

Delivery fee includes:

  1. Port fee in China
  2. Truck fee in China
  3. Customs clearance in China
  4. Delivery fee to the nearest to customer's address port

Logistics rates depend on big logistics companies and time of a year — rates change every month.

How long does it take for a container to get to the port of destination?

Delivery to Asian, African, North and South America, as well as the Middle East (KSA, UAE etc.), takes 30-40 days on average. Delivery time for other countries is 40-60 days.

When can I start customs clearance?

Customs clearance in your country can be started only after it’s delivered to the port of destination. However, the broker's search can be started prior to it. Some of our customers find customs clearance agents by themselves and some customer ask to help to find one.

How much does customs clearance in my country cost?

Customs clearance procedure in every country is pretty much the same. However, the taxes customers pay may depend on the weight, quality, invoice price and the customs declaration which is filled by a broker. Taxes are a big part of the customs clearance payment and we help our clients to fill the documents to avoid extortionate payments.

How do I get a container delivered to my door?

We suggest using local brokers that can do both delivery from the nearest port to your address and customs clearance.

  1. You won't need to look for another company.
  2. Every country has its own regulations regarding the maximum weight allowed on particular roads which people from outside the country can’t know.

Why it's better to do customs clearance through a local customs broker?

Taxing and customs clearance in every country has its own pitfalls and legal technicalities no one from outside of the country can know.

Although most of our customers do customs broker search by the self, some need a hand, and we are more than happy to help customers with this task.

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