Interview with our clients from India. Buying furniture from China.

Globus 29 november 2018 Interview

Today we wanted to publish an interview with our clients from India who visited China earlier this year [2018].

Why did you decide to buy furniture in China?

One day my wife and I were having dinner with my favorite Shahi Paneer, and she was talking about this furniture tour some of her cousins went to in China. She was dwelling and dwelling about how much money they saved and have a fancy furniture for cheap. I know her husband and he is one savvy man.

How did you choose our company?

Next day, however, I asked my secretary to do a little research on this matter and it turned out to be a real thing. The next step was finding a company that can answer all the question about possible pitfalls.

The first company we found was a sourcing agent. We contacted them, and they could not provide us with a simple contract sample, and as for a lawyer, it was important to me. When we discussed the furniture sourcing further, we realized that they don’t specialize in furniture and didn’t seem to be professional enough for us. What I mean is… they couldn’t even send a fee structure and kept on asking more information from us and were not giving us any. Here is when we had our first doubts.

Then I thought why not to call wife’s relative and ask about contract conditions and the whole experience. Rohit told me the hardest part was to have the guts to come to China. But my biggest concern was importing something since we never had come across it.

We’ve almost finished the home and spent quite an amount on building it. So we thought the money left for furniture won't be ever enough to buy solid quality furniture for the house and I didn't want to settle for less. That’s why we kind of got excited about this opportunity. But at the same time, I still was remaining skeptical.

My wife contacted the company and asked about their fees and whatnot. We’d lots of questions regarding the process and got all of them answered. One of the key points was the customs clearance in India. But it was solved quickly since the manager said we can use the same customs broker as Rohit and Riya did.

How did you prepare for the trip? What would you recommend to people who are going to come?

We’ve been preparing for two months. Sent all the plans to a manager first.

And of course visas, we needed to make visas. Went to an agency and were told to bring an invitation! We didn’t know what to do and called Globus manager the very same day. They’ve sent us an invitation by the next morning. We were quite surprised by how easy it was for Globus to manage it. With the invitation, we got visas without problems.

What it your first time in China? What is your impression of it?

I was. We quite liked it, despite a dislike between the two nations. Everyone was very kind and helpful. We also visited some places in Guangzhou since we had 2 extra days.

How did the manager arrange the trip?

We were not sure how many days should we come for, we obviously talked with our manager, and she asked about the house size and how much furniture are we planning on buying. After this, the manager advised us on tour length and we could arrange some time off for the trip. Since we had all the house plans we sent them all to the manager and made an approximate shopping list. That’s all. Actually, we’ve bought a little more than we planned because we couldn’t resist all the decorations we saw.

Were you happy with choice and prices?

Rohit already said how much of choice there is and told us about the price range. But surely before we came here we didn’t realize the scale of it. There is no way in hell we could have to go through the markets and find what we need within 5 days. And we only had 5 days because both of us had to go back to work.

The markets are huge, and we found everything we wanted and pretty much every shop has a wide range of options for customization. Like the same sofa can come in plywood and solid wood, genuine leather and cheap fabric. I obviously wanted solid wood to serve me for years.

Did the manager contact you after your return to India?

Our tour manager kept us updated about the production, quality and container loading control. Even sent some reports. Thankfully we had no problems with anything like package and quality so got our order pretty fast in India.

How did you manage money transactions?

Well, deposits for the orders we paid in US dollars which we brought from India. The balance transfer made through Globus’s company account in Hong Kong. They divided the payment between all the vendors, and I didn’t have to pay multiple transaction fees. Was happy about that, gotta say, because we bought furniture and accessories more than from dozens of vendors.

Would you recommend Globus to a friend?

It’s a decent company that I found quite reliable. Helped me to find a customs clearance agent in India too, the broker’s done a good job. I’m happy with my choice.

Slightly corrected with the consent of the client. If you wish to share your furniture sourcing tour story, please let us know:

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