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Globus 17 september 2017 Furniture Styles

The Millennial era has revolutionized the industry of architecture and interior designing to a whole new level. One such recent development in the field is a loft apartment. Loft apartments are nothing but a large-sized, open space without the presence of walls to separate the rooms. Thus, it is unique as opposed to conventional residential apartments. Another characteristic of these apartments is high ceilings and oversized windows. However, decorating the interiors of an apartment using loft style architecture can be a challenge to many.

Here is a brief description of loft-style furniture that will help you in picking out the right kind of furniture for your residence:

1. A contemporary style of decor: Lofts are characterized by a simple yet contemporary style of decor. This includes sleek, modern lines and surfaces. Materials such as wood and stone suit the landscape best. You can either use trendy light fixtures or opt for a rustic glass chandelier to add a classic twist to your decor. Rich upholstery on the furniture with different fabric accents will bring back warmth to the room and complement the sharp edges and accents of the furniture.

2. Eclectic yet minimal: Loft spaces are known for the ample airy white space available. Thus, loft-style furniture must be picked out such that it does not overfill the space in any room. A mix of high-low furniture gives the room a very minimalistic appearance. At the same time, the furniture pieces must be eclectic in nature. Picking pieces from different eras is a signature of the loft-style furniture. Mix and match chairs to add bright pops of colors and incorporate dainty pieces that represent different places and styles.

3. Wood and copper accents: Using metal-rimmed furniture is another great way to incorporate copper accents in the rooms. Using modern-styled copper chandeliers not only keeps the room light and airy but also adds a bold statement. At the same time, wood is another such accent that can work wonders in changing the overall appearance of the room. A huge wood dining table or a small rustic wood bedside table adds that little element of surprise which is characteristic of loft-style architecture.

4. Functional furniture: Since lofts are so minimalistic, it is only appropriate that the furniture is as functional as functional can be. Furniture should be picked out in such a way that it occupies minimum space as possible, is compact and can be used multiple ways. Examples of such furniture pieces include long transformable sofas, a couch-bed hybrid, and mobile dressers in the form of a hanger on wheels. This makes the furniture look concise but still does its job perfectly well.

5. Bits and bobbles: Apart from the basic must-have furniture in the room, little bits and bobbles are also characteristic of the loft style of furniture. This can include canvas paintings that are abstract and somewhat rugged in nature, graffiti painted accent wall or even massive vintage photo frames. Incorporating these small details can add character and dimension to the rooms, making it feel almost personalized to your taste and requirements.

6. Optimized storage spaces: Since the loft-style interior focuses on an open area, finding storage space that is aesthetically pleasing is difficult. Thus, storage space has to be incorporated in the furniture that is picked out. Closed cabinets interrupt the flow of light coming into a room or space which is undesirable. Instead, open shelving is the way to go. For example, coffee tables can have an open top to store magazines and reports, beds can have drawers on the base to store winter clothes or items that are rarely used.

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