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Louvre without a shadow of a doubt is the most famous and expensive furniture mall there is in Foshan, China.

Louvre was founded in 2000 with a single purpose to gather all the best Foshan furniture manufacturer in one place. The total floor of Louvre is 380 000 м2 with around 2000 original Chinese and more than 100 international brands that are exhibiting their products in various showrooms dedicated to living rooms, bedrooms, studies, bathrooms etc.

For Asian customers, there were opened official showrooms of big luxury living brands such as Fendi Casa, Bentley, Versace and others. However, we don’t recommend buying them in China because it’s much more easy to buy it from official distributors in your countries.

Even if you possess a small budget and are not planning to buy luxury furniture it’s still worth visiting Louvre to check out new models, scope out and make some photos of the item you’ve liked. Newest models from leading European furniture fairs will be in Louvre before any other markets. Remember: taking photo may be prohibited in some showrooms!

Although Louvre is a quite posh shopping mall, it’s forbidden to take photos for one reason: big Chinese brands are very cautious about being copied by smaller competitors. It’s quite ironic considering that most of their design was copied from famous European brands.

How to get to Louvre in Foshan?

Louvre furniture mall placed 15 minutes by taxi from our office and based in Lecong which is a name of the place in Shunde district of Foshan city. Foshan located on the south west of Guangzhou city - the capital of Guangdong province. Which means that to get to Foshan you’ll need to get to Guangzhou first. We suggest booking a hotel for the furniture shopping time in Foshan and not to waste your money and time on accommodation in Guangzhou.

There are two main ways to get to Louvre:

By taxi

From Foshan city centre to Louvre: an average taxi fare 35-60 RMB with travelling time 20-30 minutes (sometimes faster). We suggest this way better.

From the nearest metro station to Louvre: catch a taxi at KuiQi lu, exit C, average taxi fare 20-30 RMB.

Metro + bus: reach KuiQilu station, exit C. Take the bus #255A from the bus stop right on the C exit, bus fare 3-4 RMB (remember you should pay the exact amount, drivers don’t give change). It takes 15-20 minutes just let the driver see the address of your destination and he’ll tell you when to get off.

Louvre furniture mall in Chinese: 罗浮宫家居

Louvre Furniture centre address in Chinese: 佛山顺德区325国道乐从路段罗浮宫国际博览中心

How much does furniture in Louvre cost?

Louvre is the most expensive furniture mall in Foshan, most exquisite and high-quality, brand furniture all are presented here. Prices are mostly middle to high. What you won’t find are bad quality items. You’ll find a huge selection of international and domestic brands.

What furniture can you buy in Louvre?

Following international brands have opened original showrooms in Louvre:

Riva, Jumbo Collection, Socci, ColomboStile, Cornelio Cappellini, Fendi Casa, Giorgetti, Bentley Home, Visionnaire, Baxter, Turri, Sicis, Moroso.

Besides world famous furniture brands Louvre has to offer plenty of domestic brands which many foreign clients like. In recent years, some Chinese manufacturers are slowly switching from copying eminent designs to developing unique designs of their own by hiring designers from all over the world including talented Chinese specialists. It’s the time when Chinese suppliers got their own voice in the world design arena.

Original Louvre brand in Louvre furniture shopping mall

Louvre is not just a platform for different furniture manufacturers but also the original furniture brand which is exhibited on the last floors of the market.

Louvre Classic

This original brand produces four styles of furniture: Italian, French, American, and Spanish. Each of them encapsulated key characteristics of these countries:

French style is radiating with elegance and tranquility.

Spanish style is famous for sharp yet reserved.

Italian style beams with clear Baroque influence.

American style is elegant, respectable, comfort, utility and contract colour paletter with a brush or colonial influence.

Louvre VITA (Life Pavilion)

Post-modern Luxurious Style

Luxury high priced port modern furniture — calm, shaded luxury.

Neoclassical Luxury

Aristocratic French style with laconism and utility of modernism. The neoclassic style is a mix of contemporary and classic elegance: fancy yet classy.

Modernistic Style

The style that was announced and developed by Bauhaus-Universität Weimar in Germany in 1919. In their “Manifest” the school declared a new design concept which would move towards making all things beautiful, affordable and easy in use.

Contemporary Italian Style

Bold colors, interesting shapes blended with European grace, every element of the European postmodern is a culture clash which gave us an Italian contemporary style.


Classic style 2.0. The most complex ornaments and carving on woods and gold. Noble materials and texture together with the richest cultural heritage.

New Naturalism

Furniture made of genuine leather, feather, fur and ebony wood. This style originated in ancient India: passion and exotica are two things you’ll definitely find here.

Solid Wood Furniture Series

Estheticism and environment-friendly are the fundamental rules of this series. It is very important to buy furniture that will be safe for your family and buying solid wood furniture you protect your loved ones from additive used in cheap processed wood or plastic furniture. It is also an eternal classic and will not be out of style for decades which makes it a great investment, not mentioning the long service life.


Naturalism is simplicity, laconism, and environment-friendly. Preferred solid wood, particularly stylish is backs of sofas made with wood slabs and armrest made with processed cured wood all naturally shaped.

With such a wide range of style and choice in Louvre, many clients get lost and can’t decide on anything in particular. Our managers know their way around Louvre and always ready to help. Apart from that, they haggle on your behalf as they are fighting for their own furniture.

We at Globus provide door-to-door services for all your furniture needs. We assist you before, during and after your purchase and make sure that you get exactly what you desire at the best possible rates and the highest possible quality. Just let us know what you are looking for, and we get back to you with the most convenient solution.

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