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Over the last decade or so, the "minimalistic" trend has become much more than just a trend. In the world today, minimalism is almost seen as a way of life. In interior decorating, it is simply a design philosophy. Architecture and the art of interior designing state that minimalism is about achieving a better design using the simplicity found in space, materials, color and details. It is also all about restraint in terms of editing places so as to obtain a certain degree of clarity.

Most people prefer a minimalistic style of furniture in their homes because minimalistic spaces project a vibe of calmness, warmth and beauty in simplicity. If you are planning on decorating your home the minimalist way, here are some things to look out for:

1. Quality over quantity: The entire ideology of minimalism furniture is that less is more. It is often a common misconception that minimalism means being frugal and spending less on furniture pieces. Quite contrary to that belief, minimalism is more about picking out few basic pieces but making sure that they are of the best quality available.

2. Keep the furniture simple: When it comes to interior designing, it is quite easy to get carried away with the hundred different choices available in the market. On first thought, it might seem like every piece of furniture that you lay your eyes on is a necessity. However, if you are opting for a minimalist style of furniture, then downplaying the furniture is extremely important. Choose simple basic pieces that are functional. Make sure that the design does not have too many elements that clash with one another or with any other piece of furniture that you intend to place in the room.

3. Pick a showstopper: This simply means to pick one single piece of quality furniture that will stand out in the room. This can be a couch, a wicker chair or even a coffee table. Keep that piece of furniture as your centrepiece and build a story around it using art, plants or even lamps. This is done to add a certain wow factor to the room while still sticking to the theme of minimalism.

4. Colours and textures: When you hear the word minimalistic furniture, the first colour that would probably come into your mind is neutrals. Hence, stick to a basic neutral colour palette comprising mostly of browns, beige and white. If those colours become extremely basic for you, you can always add a small corner piece that will reflect a pop of colour. However, do not be afraid to play around with textures. You can pick furniture pieces that are made of multifarious materials. Examples of such textures are glass, cloth, timber and canvas. These textures give the home a rich and elegant feel.

5. Let art dominate your home: Most people do not consider pieces of art around the house as minimalism. However, since you are sticking to an extremely basic colour palette, it is imperative that you bring back life into the home. Thus, you can either add a feature wall which is of a contrasting colour, making it the accent element or you can hang up pieces of art. These can be simple paintings that speak to you; maybe a quote or two even. At the same time, do not cramp up all the walls and all the space that is available. Allow open space to simply relax into the expanse.

Thus, if you are a minimalist and you want your home to be a reflection of your personality, then simply keep in mind these few tips and tricks the next time you decide to go furniture shopping.

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