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The 21st century is all about everything "modern". Be it fashion, food or furniture, the generation of today seeks out a modern approach to everything. Modern furniture was roughly introduced in the late 19th century. Today, most households have at least one or two pieces of furniture that are designed keeping modernization in mind. If you are someone who is new to this kind of furniture, here is all you need to know to jump on the bandwagon as well.

1. Modern furniture is all about functionality: Just as how the modern era of humans wants everything the easy way, modern furniture is designed to make your life a lot easier than it is. Thus, furniture pieces are designed with the thought process of creating something that is easy to use and is comfortable as well. A great example of this is storage beds that have drawers or some sort of an inbuilt storage to make room for items. Since traditional furniture tends to be bulkier and occupies more space, modern furniture is a great alternative.

2. Simplicity at its best: Another characteristic of modern furniture is that it does not try too hard to stand out or make a statement. Instead, the furniture focuses on putting across the message of "less is more". The onset of such furniture was in the late 19th century, where heavily decorated furniture was replaced by furniture that was characterized by smooth and practically even surfaces. Thus, these furnishings are uncomplicated. You can now observe straight and clean angles as opposed to sweeping curves and overly rounded dimensions when looking at furniture that falls under the modern category.

3. A specific combination of materials: Another characteristic of the modern style of furniture is that materials are picked up with much thought and planning. Any piece of furniture that is to be made is intended to be as light as possible and thus materials such as laminated wood, light wood and wrought iron are used. Another feature of this furniture is that a very specific combination of materials is used so that they complement each other well. Examples of such combinations include stainless steel and glass, wood and high gloss to name a few.

4. A neutral colour palette: It is often a common misconception that one characteristic of modern furniture is pops of colour throughout the piece. However, this pertains to the contemporary style of furniture. Modern style, on the other hand, sticks to a neutral colour palette for the most part. This includes whites, browns and blacks. No furniture piece will be completely made in a bright colour. That being said, a bright colour may be added to accent the already coloured piece. Fun patterns or geometric block print is also added only to add that extra something to the piece depending on the requirements.

5. Relatively universal standard dimensions: Another common characteristic of modern style furniture is the relatively standard dimensions. This means that most furniture such as TV stands, desks or sofas are pretty much made in a standard dimension that is said to be visually appealing. It is a rare occurrence for any piece of furniture to be made unusually big or small unless the requirement states otherwise. On the other hand, the designs are also pretty universal and standard. Though tweaked a little, the basic idea of the furniture piece is still intact. This ensures that the ideology behind the piece in the first place is retained. Tweaking is done to simply try and set aside one piece from another so that consumer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Thus, if you are looking to decorate your home and are considering modern style furniture, you now exactly what to keep a lookout for!

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