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Pop Art, a revolutionary movement in the 1950's originated in Britain and it focused on revolutionizing everything art. Thus, by the late 1950s, this movement has spread far and wide into the United States as well. "Pop" was a term that originated from a famous quote "popular mass culture". Thus, Pop Art was nothing but a response to the growth of consumerism and materialism post the Second World War. This art form focused on using materials lying around in every person's daily living environment. The Pop movement thus was a bunch of innovative ideas that were influenced by the need to produce aesthetically pleasing pieces from items that were easily available. This culture, thus extended to fashion, fine arts and after a point, the furniture industry as well.

What is Pop furniture?

When the influence of the pop culture spread far and wide, people started experimenting with their furniture pieces. In the 1960s, the influence of pop art on furniture became so obvious, that pieces were so easily detectable and managed to stand out. There were two main ways to distinguish Pop Art furniture. The first was when a piece of furniture was created keeping in mind a specific pop-culture reference. This was a funky piece usually, that was bold and made quite the statement. The other way to distinguish these furniture pieces were by bright pops of colours, geometric prints, oversized scales, clashing primary colour combinations and the likes. However, it was not easy for this style of furniture to sustain as it clashed with the contemporary views of that day and age. Though short-lived, this was one furniture style that was definitely lifetime noteworthy.

What are the characteristics of Pop Art Furniture? 

Just like any other furniture style, the influence of the pop art culture resulted in furniture pieces that had certain common characteristics. If you are looking to redecorate your home using some inspiration from the Pop Art culture, or if you are simply curious about what made this culture so unique, then here are some stand-out characteristics of Pop Art Furniture.

1) References to Popular Mass Culture: One of the major characteristics of furniture from this era is the direct and almost blatant usage of popular mass culture references. This was in fact, an ironic as well as a humorous way to comment on the ways of the contemporary society that was flourishing back then. Thus, references to celebrities, famous products sold in the market, advertisements and comic strips were used as inspiration to create the furniture pieces. A great example of this is the inspiration drawn from iconic star Marilyn Monroe to produce a sofa that was in the shape of bold, red lips. This was an oversized and simple sofa made of elasticized fabric covers but made thousands of dollars at the market.

2) Bold colour usage: Another major stand-out characteristic of pop furniture was the usage of bold colours on the pieces but making sure that the design was kept minimalistic. The whole ideology behind such an approach was to make sure that the person who sees the piece of furniture does not get bored examining it. Thus, when you see a piece of Pop Art furniture, you are instantly drawn to the style as well as the colour palette that mainly comprises of reds, oranges, and fiery colours. The colours are picked in such a way so that they do not clash with each other while at the same time they are definitely eye-catching.

3) Inflatable furniture: The Pop Art style of furniture was not created with the concept of permanency or reliability in mind. It was created with the thought process of creating pieces that were made of new materials. Thus, major materials used included plastic, metal fibers, and even simple paper. Thus, the furniture was almost a temporary and disposable piece. Keeping this in mind, inflatable furniture was made. Though there were concerns such as a possible air leak because of the lack of durability of the material used, inflatable furniture was a perfect pick for those who wanted furniture on the go or during travels.

4) Wallpapers: Another popular Pop Art influence was the use of wallpapers that depicted graphics, fashion or even industrial images. The wallpapers usually ran all along an accent wall which helped created a sort of a spatial illusion. The bold, statement wallpaper coupled with bright pieces of furniture brought the entire room to life, making it fun and youthful.

The Pop Art culture was indeed one that brought people out of their comfort zones. It spoke of experimentation, sustainability and helped people keep up with the surge of consumerism. Thus, if you really want to make a statement with decorating your house, the pop art culture is the way to go! 

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