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Simply put in layman terms, rustic furniture is that furniture that is designed and manufactured using twigs, logs and sticks which gives the furniture piece a super-natural look. This sort of an approach, coupled with historical and contemporary influences is what rustic furniture in the world today is. Thus, many large companies and manufacturing units, artists, as well as craftspeople, are on the constant lookout for inspiration from nature and history to create rustic furniture.

History of Rustic furniture

The style of rustic furniture was born in the mid to late 1800s. Surprisingly enough, this style was not introduced to make a fashion statement nor was it impressed by any era or history. Rustic furniture was created with the intentions of using natural materials that were available in surplus, by the poor people in order to make simple, domestic furniture. This furniture was then traded by them to the aristocratic groups for food or cash. Thus, this style is associated mostly with the Great Depression of America. Common items or pieces that were made in the rustic style included chairs, tables, love seats, chest of drawers, mirror frames, smoking stands and clocks.

Artists and craftsmen who created the rustic style of furniture put forth their personality in their work. Thus, each brush stroke and each technique used was unique to that artist. Thus, while some artists used silver brushwork, others used gold brushwork or milk paint. The wood chosen by different craftsmen were different and the decorative elements were unique as well. 

Characteristics of Rustic Style Furniture

Since the rustic style was one that did not aim at perfection, many say that this style lacked craftsmanship. However, if there was one thing that this style did not lack, it was creativity. Thus, there are certain characteristics that are unique to this style. These characteristics include:

1) Use of raw natural elements: This is the foundation of the rustic style of furniture. The style used natural materials not just in the main framework or the architecture of the piece but also in the decor and finer details. The more naturally available the element is, the more it adds to a cohesive contemporary style and helps maintain a rustic scene throughout the space decorated.

2) Fireplace: One of the centrepieces of a living room that is decorated with the rustic style of furniture is a fireplace. The fireplace creates a very warm and inviting space. If the fireplace is surrounded with natural elements such as stone, rock or brick, the rustic style is enhanced to another level.

3) White panelled walls: Panelled walls make the space look a lot cosier. Using a white colour on the panelled wall provides a blank canvas where you can work your rustic magic and decorate it. Furthermore, white walls are said to be cheerful, bright and catch the sunlight beautifully too. They are versatile and if decorated the right way, will make the space look rustic and earthy.

4) Neutral colour palette: Though nature is generally considered to be vibrant with rich hues when considering rustic furniture pieces, artists and craftsmen stick to muted, natural and neutral colours. Most commonly used colours include rich browns, mud-browns and pine-greens. These colours are said to be soothing to the eye and are said to be characteristic of the masterpieces of Mother Nature.

5) Chunky furniture: The rustic style of furniture does not focus on finer details and intricate carvings. Rather, this style is characteristic of the masculine and the hearty side of decoration. Thus, dainty or feminine pieces will feel very left out in a space that is rustically styled. Large and chunky pieces that are inspired by nature and provide a certain sense of presence and drama are thus preferred. When a piece depicts a certain sense of visual weight, not only does it make the space seem complete, but it also adds extra space to accommodate things. A fine example of this is a large dining table that can easily accommodate eight chairs at least.

6) Solid fabrics: Pieces such as sofas, chairs and love seats are covered in fabric that is natural and solid. These fabrics are usually unprinted and are textural in nature. Common fabrics used include linen, canvas, wool and burlap. If any patterned fabric is to be used, faux animal hides are the preferred choice. Thus, snakeskin and crocodile bumps are used in place of a rug or a door-mat.

7) Natural accents: Accent pieces can make a big difference in the scheme of your overall decoration. Thus, pick pieces that mimic nature. Some creative examples include brass drawer pulls that are shaped like a twig or a lamp that is made of birch bark.

Hence, if you are looking to add a rustic touch to your home, keep in mind the above points when you go furniture shopping. This will ensure that your house is authentically rustic and is warm and inviting as well.

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